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The BI830 ECORUN is a robust line haul drive tyre engineered for long mileage, even wear and excellent on-highway handling. The BI830EC incorporates a high-traction tread designed to perform in wet weather conditions. A wider tread stance than its predecessor ensures longer mileage capability by distributing stress across a wider tread surface. An all-new tread compound reduces environmental impact and boosts fuel economy by improving rolling resistance.


The RI-151 is built with a wide tread surface for a stable drive to boost driver confidence. An innovative tread compound adds high mileage capability and the stone ejectors minimise tyre maintenance, and wide outside shoulder ribs were designed to help prevent irregular wear. This regional-use tyre was created to deliver dependable service for a wide range of highway applications.


The BI-850 features an aggressive open-shoulder tread design suited for on and off-highway drivability and high-traction conditions. Packed with technology to protect the casing for extended tyre life, as well as a compound to withstand on-highway scrub and off-highway terrain, the BI-850 is the workhorse of Falken’s commercial offering.


The BI-851 is our latest generation drive axle tyre, delivering superb traction whatever the weather conditions. Its tough casing and new tread design ensure even wear and top mileage for all your regional and long distance transport needs.


The RI-150 is built to last. Designed to maximise uptime on the road, the RI-150 incorporates stone drilling prevention features to protect the tyre from casing damage. Falken’s RI-150 features an all-new tread profile that widens the stance of the tyre for better weight distribution, which increases tread life and promotes even wear. A wavy outside shoulder groove helps to prevent cracking typically experienced at the base of the tread.


The RI-128 features a wide tread design for general applications. The premium base rubber compound was engineered for optimal retreadability with low rolling resistance and high mileage. The RI-128 is the ideal choice for cost-effective long-haul performance.


The extra deep 23mm tread depth promotes extended mileage wear, whilst the closed-shoulder tread design provides long, even wear with excellent traction. The heavy-duty casing provides stability and promotes retreading. The stone drilling buttons protects the casing for long life and the increased base rubber dissipates heat while running at high speeds in long haul operations.


The BI-877 boasts a practical and durable design for pickup and delivery use. The premium base rubber compound was designed for optimal retreadability.


The MI-577 was developed for all-season performance, and can be used in snowy road conditions. It offers excellent stability in the wet and has enhanced resistance to irregular wear.


The Golf India 377 features a rib/lug pattern dedicated for urban and highway use and can be used in all positions. It offers excellent traction and improved long mileage whilst being resistance to irregular wear.


The four steel belt casing construction resists punctures, increases vehicle stability and contributes to more retread cycles. The application specific tread compound resists the effects of scuffing from sharp turns and promotes long mileage. The 5-rib design provides better vehicle stability in all weather conditions.


The R-1200 rib pattern is designed for trailer highway use. It offers excellent mileage and improved resistance to irregular wear.


The GI-388 is specifically designed for heavy loads for mining and haulage. Well-suited for both on and off-highway use, the GI-388 comes equipped with casing protection features, long mileage capability and a cut and chip resistant compound. The advanced tread compound resists the effects of tread chipping in high-scuff applications, lowering maintenance costs.


The CI-627 is a rugged tyre with an aggressive tread design built for maximum traction off road. The CI-627 is 16-ply rated to ensure confidence in the demanding off-highway conditions in the logging, mining and construction industries. The cut and chip resistant tread compound is flexible to help withstand puncture even on the roughest terrain.


The rib/lug pattern is designed for on and off road conditions whilst being suitable for all position use. It boasts excellent traction and improved resistance to cutting and chipping


The LI-257 is a rugged tyre with an aggressive tread design built for maximum traction on and off road. The LI257 uses a fatigue resistant construction to ensure high performance in logging, mining and construction industries. The cut and chip resistant tread compound is flexible to help withstand puncture even on the roughest terrain.


The GI-368 is Falken’s open-shoulder wide-base tyre that’s packed with features to ensure casing protection and extend the life of the tread. This tyre can withstand harsh off-road conditions and rugged road surfaces through its innovative compound engineered to combat tread tearing. The GI-368 provides resistance to cut and chipping whilst also delivering solid on-road traction and stability.


The unique zig-zag grooves were designed with deep sipes to provide strong traction in both wet and dry conditions. The optimised tread compound ensures long life with low heat generation. The sidewall protector resists curb scuffing to minimise sidewall damage.