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Welcome To Allambie Mechanicals

What makes Allambie Mechanical the best car mechanic for residents in Brookvale, Allambie, Manly and Dee Why.

Formed by a team of motoring enthusiasts, Allambie Mechanical has been serving local residents for over 20 years. Over the last couple of decades, Allambie Mechanical has built a reputation in the northern suburbs of Sydney for reliable and affordable car servicing with friendly customer service.

Allambie Mechanical uses the latest computer diagnostic equipment to identify faults with your vehicle. This makes sure we only do the work which is necessary on your car, saving you time and money. We have a well-trained team of mechanics who are caring and compassionate. Allambie Mechanical values your safety first, and all of our servicing work is done with dedication and care, to make sure your vehicle is secure and roadworthy.

Affordable and reliable auto service centre performing car servicing for residents of Sydney.

Allambie Mechanical provides all the essential services for your vehicles. We are a one-stop-shop for your vehicle service. We provide:

Exhaust System Servicing Manly, Brookvale, Warringah, Dee Why, Allambie

  • Explanation of the exhaust system:
    • Exhausts fumes are collected from the cylinder heads of your engines and funnelled through the catalytic converter, mufflers and pipes.
    • The catalytic converter makes sure no harmful gases are emitted.
    • The muffler reduces the noise of your exhaust system.
  • What work is involved in our exhaust servicing?
    • We first diagnose any problems regarding each component of the exhaust system: manifolds, catalytic converter, mufflers and pipes
    • If it can be repaired, we will repair the part. If it requires replacement, we can replace the faulty part of the exhaust system for you.
  • Why should I get my exhaust system serviced?
    • Your exhaust is important to the wellbeing of your passengers and the people around your vehicle.
    • Dangerous gases can be leaked into your cabin or out of your exhaust pipes if there are issues with the catalytic converter.
    • A blown muffler can mean your car will exceed noise restrictions and thus become unroadworthy. This can result in a fine from law enforcement.

Wheel Alignment Manly, Brookvale, Warringah, Dee Why, Allambie

  • What is wheel alignment?
    • Wheel alignment refers to the camber, toe and caster of your tyres, or basically how your tyres are positioned relative to the body of your vehicle.
  • What is involved in wheel alignments?
    • Your car will have an optimal wheel alignment, whether you are looking for performance or efficiency.
    • Hitting a pothole or driving on unpaved roads can slowly misalign the wheels.
    • We will perform adjustments to the wheels back to your manufacturers specifications.
  • Why is getting my wheels aligned important?
    • If your wheels are misaligned, this could cause a serious safety hazard.
    • Your car may begin to pull in one direction or another without steering inputs.
    • Excessive camber can mean your tyres will wear out significantly quicker than expected.

Tyre replacement Manly, Brookvale, Warringah, Dee Why, Allambie

  • What do my tyres do for my vehicle?
    • On dry roads, treads actually reduce the efficiency of your car, as the contact surface is reduced. This is why in motorsports like Formula 1, we often see ‘slicks’ used to increase the contact patch with the road surface.
    • However, on wet roads, treads disperse water from the tyre, allowing the tyre to grip to the road. Without these treads, your car will aquaplane and become uncontrollable.
  • How do I know my tyres are due in for a replacement?
    • The minimum legal tread is 1.5mm. At Allambie Mechanical, we will measure your tread depth and let you know when your tyres are due in for a replacement.
    • On modern tyres there are tread wear indicators on your car. If your treads are wearing low, these indicators will at the same level as your treads.

Logbook Servicing Manly, Brookvale, Warringah, Dee Why, Allambie

  • What is logbook servicing?
    • Generally, a logbook service is performed every 10,000 kilometres.
    • Manufacturers will list checks, measures and replacements which need to be performed as part of the service.
    • Allambie Mechanical will perform these checks, measures and replacements per your manufacturers requirements.
  • What are common checks performed during a logbook service?
    • Tyre pressures
    • Radiator hoses
    • Fan Belts
    • Lights
    • Battery test
    • Steering and suspension
    • Brake adjustments
    • Oil change

Brake & Clutch repair Manly, Brookvale, Warringah, Dee Why, Allambie

  • Why should I get my brakes fixed?
    • Brakes are the most important part of your car as it is what allows you to stop and avoid accidents.
    • Faulty brakes are a major danger to yourself and other road users. If there are any issues with your brakes, we would recommend ordering a tow truck instead of driving the car to our service centre.
  • Why should I get my clutch fixed?
    • The clutch is what allows the engine to drive the wheels, allowing your car to accelerate.
    • Issues with clutch could cause your car to break-down or be unable to move.

Quick and easy Pink Slips Manly, Brookvale, Warringah, Dee Why, Allambie

  • What are pink slips?
    • Cars in the state of NSW are required to pass a yearly roadworthy assessment. If the car has passed that assessment, it will be given a pink slip signifying its roadworthiness.

Part of our facilities acts as a tyre shop and exhaust shop providing solutions to common problems. Tyres are one of the most common parts of a vehicle which need replacement. Allambie Mechanical makes it easy, by providing your regular car servicing with Tyre Balance Replacement and exhaust services. Therefore, it can save you having to go to a tyre shop and a servicing centre.

If you are looking for any of the above services for your vehicle conducted in a friendly and efficient manner, don’t hesitate to call Allambie Mechanical Centre on (02) 9905 0428 or (02) 9939 3539. We serve many customers in Northern Sydney including in Brookvale, Allambie, Manly and Dee Why. We are open Mondays to Fridays 8am – 5pm and are also open for half a day on Saturday, 8am – 1pm. If you are unsure about any matters relating to your vehicle, don’t hesitate to call us, and our experienced and friendly staff are always happy to talk about anything car related.

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